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About Me

Experienced Developer, with multiple years of experience. I have planned, created and delivered on multiple projects. I write PHP code that follows DRY, MVC and SOLID design patterns and principles. This helps create maintainable, flexible and easy to understand code.

I’ve been working with PHP for last few years. Before this I studied Computer Systems Engineering and used C/C++ and Java. I’ve seen PHP mature since PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.5 and I’ve come accustomed to the quirks, which makes debugging and creating applications easier.

I can be found on Twitter and StackOverflow. I have a collection of Blog Posts coveing integration with third-party libraries into other Frameworks. I.e. integrating Eloquent ORM in Codeigniter.


  • Gamification platform tracking Social and Business data.
  • User profile management system
  • Automated e-mailing system
  • Search integration with Lucene, Sphinx and ElasticSearch
  • APIs integrated/worked with: Alexa, Facebook, Google Docs, Google+, Klout, Kred, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Twitter, SendGrid, SeoMoz, Yammer, YouTube and Zapier
  • Payment Systems: Stripe, PayPal and PayMill
  • Cloud providers: Amazon, Rackspace and DigitalOcean


Content Management Systems (CMS)